10 Luxury Chocolate Brand You Should Indulge Over This Weekend

10 Luxury Chocolate Brand You Should Indulge Over This Weekend


Everyone loves a box of chocolates. Some love their plain while there are others who love with nuts and raisins. But if you are in search of a luxury chocolate then better consider this list. It will help you find the best luxury chocolate brands on the market today.

Here are the luxury chocolate brands you should indulge with your friends or better be by yourself alone.


If you are in search for the finest luxury chocolate, then it will start here with Godiva and ends it with Godiva. Founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier, Godiva has made its name in the chocolate decadent industry. You will certainly love its milk, dark and white chocolate selection. You will certainly love its signature chocolate such as truffles, sables, biscuits, pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Hotel Chocolat

What makes this luxury chocolate very much loved especially those who are health conscious is that their luxury chocolate has less sugar as compared to their chocolate brands in the UK. You will also love their signature luxury chocolate with a luxurious blend of caramel and 50 percent milk chocolate, sprinkled with shortcake biscuit.


This luxury chocolate brand is very much known for their unusual chocolate and fruit combinations, like their Yuzu Sake Truffles. This signature luxury chocolate is well loved by the locals especially among those who are looking for some extra adventure on their chocolate journey. Their luxury chocolate is made from Fuji white chocolate blended with citrus Yuzu and a splash of Japanese sake.

Lindt & Sprüngli

If you are looking for luxury chocolate that will make your family and loved one feel extra special, then better be it this brand. They will certainly love their signature collection of mixed pralines, white chocolate truffles and dark caramel and sea salt bars. Now if you wish to get an extra kick on your luxury chocolate then better get a taste of their Dark Chilli chocolate Bar.


This is another Belgian luxury chocolate you will surely love. It is known for its iconic chocolate seashells and seahorses. Their luxury chocolate is very much loved because the producer makes sure that every chocolate is made from 100 percent pure cocoa butter, and a hazelnut praline filling made from caramelized and roasted hazelnuts. This luxury chocolate will certainly be the perfect centerpiece on the holiday table.

Artisan du Chocolat

This luxury chocolate was created by the Irish-origin Gerard Coleman in 2000. They are very much known with heir luxury selection of chocolates. You will surely love their signature luxury chocolate that has was created by the Irish-origin Gerard Coleman in 2000. smooth ganache and nutty praline glazed with edible pearlescent gold and silver dust. It is the perfect luxury chocolate gift for your anniversary and pairs it up with one dozen roses and a bottle of wine.


They are very much popular with their luxury chocolate box that has a selection of flavored chocolate bars, from chili and lime, orange and geranium and sea dog! It was founded in 2000 by former lawyers, Helen and Simon Pattison. They made sure that they handmade every luxury chocolate they serve to their beloved consumers. A luxury chocolate made with love and all.


If you will visit their shop, then you will certainly love it. The shop itself oozes with sophistication and elegance not to mention the chocolatey ambiance. You will get to choose from their wide array of luxury chocolate and chewy florentines to liqueur truffles to Lady Betty peppermint creams.

Maison Pierre Marcolini

If you are looking for some chocolate adventure, then you will certainly love this place. They will provide you the best luxury chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Their luxury cholates flavor was derived from different cultures around the world. If you wish to get a taste of their luxury chocolate, then better opt for the Pierre’s Bahia Brazil.

Fifth Dimension

This luxury chocolate is known for their exotic flavorings and creamy cocoa centers. It is one of the popular luxury chocolates in the UK today. They actually got their exotic ingredients from other countries such as the soy caramel from Hong Kong and lemon chutney from Nadiad. So if you wish to get a taste of those exotic flavored luxury chocolate, better be it this brand. You will never go wrong.

This list of luxury chocolate will surely make everyone’s weekend more fun and exciting. It will also serve as a perfect gift for anniversary and birthday.

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