13 Luxury Bag Brands You Shouldn’t Miss

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Every woman should have her own luxury bag, be it a handbag or a tote or maybe a classic shoulder bag. There are different kinds of luxury bag brands which you could choose from based on your needs and budget. You will also be able to choose from leather or canvas materials. The important thing here is to find the best one that will match up your needs.

Here are the luxury bag brands you should check out today

Phillip Lim’s Pashli

This luxury bag is very much preferred because of its functional construction. This luxury bag is very much loved and actually perfect for women who are in their business and always on the go. You can wear this luxury bag as cross-body or tote.

The Chanel

Well, this luxury bag needs no further introduction anymore. The name says it all. We all know just how luxurious this luxury bag is. It has been in the fashion industry for many years and still making its way up until this era. The Chanel 2.55 is a purse most fashion lovers. It is classic and very elegant, perfect for both daytime usage and most especially during late night wine dining.

Givenchy’s Antigona

Just like the Pashili, this luxury hotel can be easily worn in two ways. You can either cross-body it or use it as a tote bag. It’s the structured silhouette and goat leather that makes this luxury hotel very much loved. Just imagine it in your shoulder in the morning as you go to meet your daughter’s school teacher (wink!)

The Louis Vuitton x Murakami Sologne Bag

This luxury bag has made its way from the first hour it was released in the audience. The creator of Marc Jacobs, in fact, commissioned Murakami, a Japanese artist to make these new and unique designs of luxury bags. Up to this day, this design of luxury hotel still making its name.

Kate Spade’s Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch

For those girls who love fashion especially luxury bags and literature, then this Kate Spade’s luxury bag will perfectly make their day. This luxury bag actually makes an amazing hit among Hollywood stars as well.

Proenza Schouler’s Satchel

So what makes this luxury bag very much loved? Of course, its hardware and ton of compartments to keep your things organized and secured. This feature alone actually made this luxury bag a hit. This is the perfect woman’s bag especially a woman has more stuff than men do, right?

Alexander McQueen’s Heroine

This luxury bag has been known among the Hollywood stars not just because of its hardware but most especially because of its functionality, style and feminine side.

Céline’s Phantom Luggage Tote

This luxury bag is actually considered as the holy grail of totes. You will certainly love its space since you can actually carry your stuff without sacrificing the look and style of this luxury bag. One of the most loved luxury bags today. A must-have luxury bag!

Valentino’s Rockstud Tote

So what makes this luxury bag very much preferred among fashion lover? Its studs, studs, and studs! If you will spot a Valentino’s Rockstud Tote, then expect it to be embellished with studs. In fact, their selection of heels and flats also have studs. This what actually makes this luxury bag very unique and yes, expensive as well.

The Mulberry Bayswater

One of the iconic luxury bag you will surely love. It is also one of the best purses you can have and use every day. With its leather hardware, you will surely love this luxury bag because of its functionality and durability.

Longchamp’s Nylon Le Pliage

If you need a durable and a luxury bag that has the best functionality, then this brand will do. It is known with its durable hardware and bendable materials. No wonder women love this luxury bag so much that most of them collect all the colors available.

The Hermès Kelly

This luxury bag brand is, in fact, the most feminine bags of all. This luxury bag is hand cut and stitched which actually makes it very expensive. Be it a Kelly or a Birkin, both will surely make holes in your pocket but worth buying if you wish to pamper and treat yourself.

Gucci’s Monogram Canvas Bag

Gucci has been in the fashion industry for many years. This luxury bag will certainly make heads turn. Every Gucci bag has its own uniqueness you will surely love for years. Gucci will not be here until this day if it’s not that well-loved, right?

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