7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

All of us want to visit the City of love, but the only thing that’s stresses is hunting apartments. Here are the top 7 luxury apartments for you to enjoy your stay in Paris.

7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

Top 7 Luxury Apartments In Paris:

1. A Secret Garden At The Hip Hideaway

If you are an adventure seeker, then expect the unexpected with a secret garden at the Hip Hideaway. In addition toToo its Latin quarters, the lively neighborhood brims with sparkles with abundance. Besides, the interior is an antique French countryside, with large windowed bedrooms, and sufficient about of natural lighting. Unlike other rentals in Paris, you have access to both cafes and bistros, with quiet time away from the bustling City.

2. The New Age Housing With A Modern Home:

Whether you are with the love of your life, or on a friendly visit, The New Age rental falls first in line. Besides, it’s vast old culture fits the modern age society. Also, you can blend with it’s colorful and gleaming kitchen interior. Usually, found between the third and the fourth arrondissement’s, you can get to relax on your couch, facing the green-view balcony.

3. Checkmate’s Comfy Family Home:

Most family vacationers look for comfy and family-oriented rentals and CheckMate gives you the perfect looking family housing. Besides, this family haven finds its honor is the famous streets of the Champs Elysees. As it considers its foot set on the elite street, you can find easy access to luxury stores. Besides, the apartment is big enough to fit all members of the medium to a large family with a well-furnished living room. You can also find your kids’ room stocked with art and craft supplies with an ensuite master bedroom.

4. Serena’s Artsy Fit Rental:

Because of its blue tones and silver hues, Serena apartment gives you the aesthetic desires of a room. HoweverYet, it’s rustic balcony gives you and your loved ones a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. Thus, you can start your day with the look of the beautiful sunrise or relax in your room is watching the calming sunset.

5. Panoramic’s Open Look Rentals:

In a city of boutique designs, find yourself a confined apartment with open spacing. If you are looking for a place to fit your entire family, then you can find the nearby vibrant South Pigalle at your doorstep. You can make yourself comfortable with sleek, wooden, and white furniture near windows to give your room an airy and natural atmosphere.

6. Pop Art Vacational Rental:

In addition to its splendor of white walls and furniture, Pop Art apartments come with a splash of vibrant colors. Besides, it’s Marilyn Monroe’s pink and blue printed sofas; you can walk through the blue archways with abstract printed rugs. Following, this kitchen and bathroom have the same vibrant color palette with bright colored towels.

7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

7 Of The Best Luxury Apartments In Paris

7. Notre Dame’s Heart Of City Neighbor:

Usually, when hunting for rentals, we find the cozy, cheap, yet best hotels for your family, Notre Dames beauty sets in the medical history of Paris. Despite, its medieval location, Notre brings perfect balance with modernity and vintage, through its furniture, appliances, and floor tilings. Also, the apartment owns an open balcony with rustic chairs to have a relaxed evening.

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