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healthy lifestyle magazines

Meta Description – Healthy lifestyle magazines give you tips and tricks on how to follow a healthy diet plan. Here are some of the best magazines that you should consider buying.

There are some healthy lifestyle magazines on the market that have been dedicated to offering valuable tips and tricks to the readers. These magazines share brilliant recipes of healthy food, interviews from celebrities, useful diet plans, workout tricks and tips and so much more. You do get inspired when you read such informative stuff. So, if you are wondering which magazine is good, here is a list.

Useful Healthy Lifestyle Magazines

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Here is a list of the best and most useful healthy lifestyle magazines:

IDEA Publications

This magazine company has four publications, each of which delivers content on fitness: IDEA Fitness Journal, IDEA Trainer Success, IDEA Pilates Today and IDEA Fitness Manager. One can find information on wellness, health, personal trainers, and much more in these magazines.

Healthy Living Magazine

This magazine is like the Bible for health and anti-aging. It also contains content on parenting tips and beauty secrets. You can subscribe to this magazine if you want to be aware of the latest and trending topics in health and wellness.

Inside Fitness Magazine

As the name suggests, this magazine contains data on training, food and nutrition. Many qualified professionals pitch in their ideas and concepts in this magazine. It is a Canadian publication that covers a vast array of subjects.


The motto of this magazine is ‘healthy living from the ground up’. It covers all about natural foods, services and products available in Illinois and Iowa that focus mainly on sustainable lifestyles and healthy living.

Vibrant Life

This lifestyle magazine focuses on healthy living and mental clarity. It delivers content on spirituality, physical health and wellbeing from a Chinese point of view. This publication focuses on nutrition and exercise with interviews, self-help, spiritual balance, environmental stewardship and family balance.

Whole Life Times

This magazine targets the holistic community and you can find a lot many freelancers offering their articles on this magazine. You can find varied topics right from natural health, spirituality, yoga and environment. It preaches one on a progressive and healthy lifestyle.


This publication has articles dedicated to the age group between 20 to 30 for women who are interested in health and fitness. You can find varied content on diets, beauty, workouts and much more.


This health and wellness magazine focuses on the HIV+ community. But, you also get to read about some other topics here. It covers a variety of topics such as treatments, costs, nonprofit organization and better living tips and tricks for anyone living with this condition.


This magazine is dedicated to health writers who are willing to offer their bit of knowledge about cancer. It focuses on content for people living with Cancer. A freelancer with a medical writing background and knowledge about this disease can offer their articles and blogs here.

End Note

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This is a list of the best healthy lifestyle magazines you can consider buying if you want to stay updated with whatever is happening in the world of health.

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