Best Luxury Airlines This 2018

Best Luxury Airlines This 2018

We can only dream of flying world class in a luxury plane. This is the kind of thing that can only happen in our dreams and imagination. But there are actually people who find flying on a first class airlines pretty commonplace.

Don’t get me wrong all types of planes whether it is a luxury or economical planes are the same in the sense that everyone boarding the specific plane is heading towards the same destination. But for the passengers, especially passengers who have just experienced flying on a first class plane for the first time, the difference between flying on an ordinary and luxury plane is similar to going to a resort versus going to jail.

Anyways, even though luxury planes are what they are, these planes are not created equal. While luxury planes are great, there also happens to be kinds of planes that are considered to be superior compared to other first-class planes. Here are some of the best first-class planes in the world.


Rich people will not be surprised anymore when they enter the area, but first-timers will surely be in awe as they place their posterior on the plane chairs.

One thing that you are sure to notice is the leather Bulgari that is there for men and women of all ages. You also have loads of options to choose from.

In a typical plane, the best thing you can find is the free food that is served to all the passengers. There are planes that don’t have that so if you are able to afford a plane that offers food then you must be pretty financially stable. But that is still nothing compared to the beauty of the Emirates plane.

As you take a sit on your plane seat, you will not even feel as if you are on a plane. It feels more like you are in your own residence. Each seat even has its own TV so you can keep yourself occupied for the whole trip.

There are pajamas that you can use in case you feel like sleeping the entire flight. What’s more is that there is a mini-bar that you can access. There is no doubt that this plane is like the utopia of all planes.

Etihad Airways

All other regular planes have several flight attendants, which attends to the needs of all the passengers. Etihad Airways have something like that, only they are not called flight attendants. They are much more sophisticated than that. In this plane, people who serve the passengers are called butlers. And you can bet that these people are thoroughly trained to provide passengers only with the best customer service possible to give.

One thing about this plane is that it even has bedrooms and living rooms for the guests. It’s quite sophisticated, isn’t it? Well, it should be because the only people who can afford this dream plane are the richest of the rich.

Once the plane is already on the air, the passengers are given the ability to order a customized menu. Whatever it is that you want to it, the butlers will make sure that you get them.

Inside the bedrooms, there is also a widescreen TV for your indulgence until the end of the flight. If you ask, those things mentioned are good enough, but if you think that there is something else missing, know that you also have the ability to hand over your kids to trained nannies in the plane until the flight is over.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines already had astounding plane amenities as it is in the past, but just recently, it announced it had just upgraded its facilities and services.

One of the greatest highlights to date is the buddy service. If you so happen to board the plane with a friend or a buddy, the plane will let you shed the walls of your room, as well as merge your beds as one.

There is also the swivel chair which spins 35 degrees and 270 degrees. You will have an electronic remote control to manipulate the spinning of the chair.

Qatar Airways

This plane is not as elegant as the airways already listed in this article, but they are still considered to be over-the-top planes in the world.

While it does not have rooms and living rooms, it does offer the passengers champagne, as well as a tasty caviar course. There is also a set of pajamas offered to passengers who want to take a nap until the end of the flight.

In the past, passengers have gotten Giorgio Armani kits, but recently, they have changed their course and opted to give their passengers an Italian-made leather amenity bag.


Of course, you can always opt for to take a cab once you get off the plane, but this specific airway right here makes sure that their passengers won’t have a hard time getting to their desired destination. For the plane ticket that you buy, there comes drop-off ride.

Passengers are also gifted with travel socks, cotton pajamas, as well as amenity bags designed by Martin Grant, which is Qantas Creative Director of Fashion.

You are going to love the dishes because they are prepared by the one and only Neil Perry, which so happens to be one of the most notable Australian chefs.

British Airways: 787-9 Dreamliner

This one has a simplistic design, but it undoubtedly has a formal feel. It would somehow give you the feeling of being a top executive going on an important flight.

Of course, this one is not as decent as the rest of the planes here, but just the same, this is still one of the best planes to board out there.

While there is no beds or living room to flaunt, passengers do receive an amenity kit from the plane staffs.

Air France: Boeing 777-300ER

Almost all the hues in this plane are in the color white. This gives off a sort of silent feel. It most certainly has a modern and sleek design that a lot of passengers are sure to enjoy. You can turn the seats into comfortable beds, which makes up for the lack of living room and bedroom.


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