Fast Food Items Only a Few Can Afford


Who among you here doesn’t have a thing for food? I bet we all love food? You don’t even have to like eating to love food. Maybe you are not a fan of eating too much, but you still love food anyway because there is absolutely no way you will be able to survive.

As I was thinking about how important food is in our lives, I have thought of a few instances when some of my friends said that if only they had a lot of money they would buy hundreds or even thousands of pizzas, burger, spaghetti, and all of their other favorite food.

And then I hit myself with the question: “If I was rich, what kind of food would I buy?” I didn’t have the answer to that question yet, but I did come to a realization. All of the kind of food that I and my friends are used to eating isn’t really the kind of food that rich people would eat.

For example, I had a strange obsession for lasagna, but if I went on and on about lasagna to a rich person, he’d probably laugh at me because it is just not the kind of food that rich people eat. Of course, I am not saying that all rich people don’t eat lasagna. What am I just trying to point out here is that it is not the kind of food you would often categorize as food for the rich.

When we talk about food for the rich and wealthy, you know full well that these are the kinds of food that only a few can afford. In this article, we are going to talk about each and every one of them.

The $120 Kobe-Philly Cheesesteak

Of course, it is really not that expensive if you think about it, but the truth about rich people is that they don’t really enjoy spending their money.

One of the reasons they are as rich as they are is because while they already have loads of money, they try to spend below their means.

However, for $120, we can say that it is costly enough for food. If you are of ordinary financial means, it is not the kind of food that you would usually order. On the other hand, if you live quite a comfortable life, you will have no problem purchasing this kind of food.

The Philly cheesesteak was invented by accident. People were actually just trying to pretend to have invented the slicing meat, and then they immersed it in cheese. Right then, they were able to come up with the Philly cheesesteak.

Even though this food was just created by accident, there is no denying that this is one of the tastiest foods around, and even though there are only a few people who can afford this type of food, a lot of people actually do love it.

The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

The World's Most Expensive Hot Dog : Fast Food Items Only a Few Can Afford
The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

Ah hotdogs. I would love to meet a person who does not have a taste for hot dogs. Apart from being one of the most delicious foods on earth, they also happen to be one of the oldest.

I mean, hotdog has got to be older than the earth itself. These days, the hot dog is regarded as a normal meal. However, you cannot deny the fact that some foods are more expensive or cheaper than others.

There happens to be something that’s called the world’s most expensive hot dog, and it is priced at $169 each. This is certainly a type of food that only a few people can afford, but hey, if you have the money to buy this, then every penny would be totally worth it.

The Thousand-Dollar Pizza

The Thousand-Dollar Pizza : Fast Food Items Only a Few Can Afford
The Thousand-Dollar Pizza

Here we go again with the pizza. We have all tasted pizza every once in a while in our lives. It is the one food that will never be out of stock in all types of fast-food.

Of course, the demand for pizza is quite intense, but it is also because of this reason why fast food owners make sure that there will always be more of it to go around.

Even though we all love pizza, the rich and the wealthy have a sort of different taste when it comes to pizza. They don’t usually go to the ordinary pizza that we are all used to eating.

They opt for more expensive types of pizza, the types of pizza that can only be afforded by a few people. One of them is the thousand-dollar pizza. Yes, it is definitely one pizza that only a few can afford.

The Thousand-Dollar Ice Cream Sundae

The Thousand-Dollar Ice Cream Sundae : Fast Food Items Only a Few Can Afford
The Thousand-Dollar Ice Cream Sundae

We all love sweets, but there is no other kind of sweet better than the good old ice cream sundae.

Of course, pizza is as popular as ever, but if there is one thing that is just as in demand as pizza, then it would be the famous ice cream sundae. I mean, you can find it almost everywhere. People love it so much that whether or not it is summer or winter, or whatever, people are still dying to get a taste of it.

You’ll find it McDonald’s and other affordable fast food chains. It is something that even ordinary people can eat, but the rich people have a different kind of ice cream sundae in mind.

They opt for the ever delicious and ever expensive, thousand dollar ice cream sundae.

The Glamburger

The Glamburger
The Glamburger

The best thing about burgers is that you can put anything on it, and just eat it all. Anyone who has ever eaten a burger knows how extremely delicious it is. There are different kinds of burgers, and some of us are pretty proud to have eaten a whole bunch of different burgers.

But you may have missed one thing – the glamburger. If you haven’t anything like it before, don’t even think about buying one ever again if you cannot afford to lose $1770.

I know what you are thinking. These foods are too expensive to just be stomach filler, but guess what? There is a reason why they are labeled as food only a few can afford.

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