First Jobs Of World Billionaires


It is no secret that our first jobs contributed a great deal to where we are right now. Think about it. What did you have when you first got out of college? Nothing, apart from your diploma. We all know that when we talk about real life, nothing matters more than your skills and first-hand experience, and unfortunately, as a fresh graduate, you do not have any of those things.

This is why we sincerely believe that the first job of a person says a lot about how their future will turn out. Your first job is the time in your life when you will receive your first training. This also goes to show that the turnout of your first job has a say on how your succeeding jobs will be like.

Of course, people in the middle class almost experience the same thing with regards to their first jobs because apparently, a study shows that if rich people had anything in common, that would be their first jobs.

Lots of people believe that first jobs shouldn’t be taken so seriously because you will be given lots of chances to do better. Their mentality revolves around the thought that you shouldn’t expect to do so good at your first job. After all, how can you expect high performance from yourself when you have just gotten out of college without no experience or whatsoever.

This may be a popular belief among the majority, but that is apparently not how most world billionaires will take it. As a matter of fact, most world billionaires have already started hustling from the very beginning of their careers. Their job was not as always good as they expected them to be but the end result was astounding.
In this article, we are going to look into the kind of first jobs world billionaires had. Here are some of them.

Bill Gates – Computer software

Warren Buffett – Investment salesman

Jeff Bezos – Software developer

Amancio Ortega – Shop hand for a shirtmaker
Mark Zuckerberg – Social media creator

Carlos Slim Helu – Stock trader

Larry Ellison – Software developer

David Koch – Technical services manager

Charles Koch – Product development consultant

Michael Bloomberg – Investment banking

These are just some of the names of the world billionaires and their first jobs, but what is important to know here is that most successful people either had a career revolving on the money creation process such as businesses or one that creates systems for people, which is the case for programming.

It is not very surprising why people with business careers became successful. Our society revolves around businesses. People may not want to admit it but money is an essential aspect of our life. We cannot live without it. With that, when you go into business, you are bound to become rich. Not all business people manage to become as rich as world billionaires but you get the idea.

Another career line that appears to be lucrative is the programming industry. This isn’t very surprising since people’s life relies on technology these days. The most popularly used technology today is the computer.

I guess people should have known all along that people would start socializing through the use of the internet soon enough. Some of the biggest programmers to date sure have predicted this well before. Now, with lots of social media sites gaining lots and lots of popularity, more and more people have been trying to imitate the fame and glory that some of the original social networking sites have managed to achieve. However, as of this time, none of them managed to replicate the kind of attention that websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have gained.

Billionaires Final Verdict

What did we find out in this article? Is it really that most successful people take on the business or programming world? Maybe, but if you hope to replicate the kind of success certain world billionaires created for themselves, then you need not focus on their careers. Rather, you might as well focus on how these certain people already had the drive to be successful at an early age.

Apart from that, they also had the guts and courage to take risks. One can read all sorts of coaching books from the world billionaires, but that still won’t guarantee that you are going to make it out big time. You can try though, and consider it as one of your most beloved memories. After all, we all want something to look back to when we get old.

However, if you are really curious about how to get to the top, then there is nothing I or any of your favorite world billionaires can do to help you. It is all about taking risks. We can give you all the tips in the world on how you can become one of the most successful people in the world, but the only way to find out if you are really going to be rich and successful is by trying.

All the rich people I know all experienced some kind of struggle in their lives. While moving your way to the top, not everyone will agree with your decisions. There will be a lot of people who will claim to know what should be done, but as tempting as it is to give in to their temptations, you need to do what you think is best. That is where taking risks can in handy. You are not sure if your idea will bear the results that you need, nor do the people around you but you still move forward with it anyway.

Think of it this way. What if you had an awesome business idea, but as fantastic as the idea may sound, it is not very realistic either. However, if the plan manages to be a success, this can result in a huge amount of return of investment on your end. In that case, what is it going to be? Are you going to just alternate ventures with your family’s option because more people believe that it was realistic or would you still prefer to move forward with your idea even though there is a small chance that it will succeed?

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