How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money?

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The Elite, we are eternally curious about the lives of the well-to-do and the super-rich. Stories of their daily lives sound like fairytales to the ears of the commoner. The internet is flooded with news about celebrities and politicians around the globe. However, have you ever wondered how the rich in one of the world’s wealthiest countries carry out their lifestyle? It is time to visit the urban home that is Dubai and find out how the elite spends their enormous wealth.

How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money
How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money?

The Elite Have A Golden Taste

Ah, the Midas touch. In the Golden City of Dubai, if your priced items aren’t made entirely out of gold, they aren’t worth mentioning in conversations. The elite in Dubai have mind-boggling amounts of money, and they do not shy away from flaunting it! The Emirates is obsessed with noble yellow metal. Any accessory that isn’t made out of gold doesn’t amuse a Dubai elite, unless you offer something better, say diamonds. Moreover, gold studded iPhones, expensive cars wholly plated with gold, gold accessories, you name it, and the rich have it. However, if a custom-made $2.4B Bugatti doesn’t impress you, toilet seats of pure, solid gold definitely will.

Gold Machines

The obsession with gold isn’t over yet. Commoners have ATMs. What does the elite in Dubai have? Gold ATMs. Moreover, they have machines, made entirely out of gold, which spews gold themselves. You have a card, you swipe it and collect gold coins, bars, and medals. Easy.

The Elite Celebrity Visits

While ordinary people wish they had a chance to meet their favorite celeb, the filthy rich in Dubai hire them for private shows and meetings for a few million dollars. Money does speak.

How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money
How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money?

Their License Plates Cost Millions

The elite in Dubai have weird interests and status symbols, and one of the top ways to splurge is to get custom-made license plates. Moreover, it may sound shocking to ordinary people, but it is common for their billionaire businessmen to spend more on a number plate than an average Lamborghini.

Super-expensive Accessories

Everything the billionaires wear must scream filthy-rich. They spend wads of cash on jewelry made out of gold and encrusted with diamonds. Moreover, they buy the iconic accessories of legends and superstars from auctions that are worth millions.

Luxury Hotels

The elite will spend an average-years’ worth of rent on a single night at a luxury hotel. They love to indulge in finery and comfort, and their favorite lounge is the most lavish hotels in the world, which can cost $8k to an outrageous $24k a night.

Custom-made Couture: The Elite

The rich in Dubai have a passion for fashion! The Dubai Mall stands testimony to their craze for the latest trends. Therefore, the most expensive pieces by the top fashion brands are worn by the wealthy in Dubai.

How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money
How The Elite In Dubai Spend Their Money?

Gold-plated Cuisine

The love for gold doesn’t stop at accessories, and they include it in their food too. If you’re lucky (and super-rich), you’ll get a taste of gold flavored cupcakes, gold-dipped strawberries, and 23-carat edible gold sheets.

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