How The Rich And Wealthy People Get Married

How The Rich And Wealthy Pepole Get Married

Getting married is one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. No matter what league you are in. I know that you will be thrilled when the love of your life finally proposes to you. No matter what league you are in, I know that you will be sure to want to expend money on making your wedding the best day of your entire life. But you have to admit, no matter what kind of preparation you do for your big day, it is nothing compared to how the rich and wealthy get married.

Sure, the weddings of other people, even if it is the marriage of the rich and wealthy is not really any of your business. But if there is one thing everyone cares about, it would be love. Anything that has something to do with love, everyone would definitely stop whatever it is that they are doing so that they can take part in that discussion.

Like I said, whether you are in the middle or low class, you would give it your all, just to have the best wedding. You would give it your all, whatever your income has to offer. What makes people wonder is how far rich people would go for the tie knotting with the most important person in their life – their significant other.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the weddings of the rich and wealthy actually look like. Even when we do not talk about these sorts of things, we still envision what they look like. This is the time for us to actually find out for sure what the weddings of the rich and wealthy actually look like.

The Most Lavish Wedding The World Has Ever Seen

It was in 1981 when Prince Charles set forth to marry Lady Diana Spencer. It was just one wedding, but it was most certainly the best and most lavish wedding you will ever get your eyes on.

When it comes to weddings, people usually talk about the food, the venue, or the design, but when it comes to the weddings of the rich and wealthy, what people talk about are the numbers.

Let me tell that on this fateful day, there were 2,500 guests. This isn’t a very impressive number if you think about it, but if you were to include the 750 million people were watching the wedding on TV, you would realize that there was more to it than what meets the eye.

Any woman would envy the 10,000 pearls on Diana’s dress. There were also 27 wedding cakes that were served at the reception.

I don’t even want to tell you specifically how that wedding cost, but one thing that you need to know is that it is equivalent to $140 million in today’s money. That’s quite a handful, isn’t it?

Married: What Is It With Weddings?

There was a time when weddings were only for the rich and wealthy. Yes, you heard me right. Ordinary people didn’t have the funds to get a wedding. Of course, that was decades before. During that time, the only people who could afford to have a wedding planner was the rich and wealthy.

During those times, of course, people were pretty fond of fairytale concepts. It is also because of that reason why wedding at that time was luxurious.

There was a time when wedding were huge events, but these days, you see that there are even weddings that are only done in front of a certain witness.

It wasn’t until the 21st century that people began to regard weddings as an essential part of one’s life. Since then, whether you are rich or poor, you just have got to get married if you want to live with your fiancé.

With that, this was the dawn of simple and traditional weddings. Back during the days, beautiful and elegant weddings were normal. Why? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that the only people who can afford to get married are the rich and wealthy.

But since everyone has started spending more weddings as well, people started to get the idea that there are small and big weddings.

These days, there are still gorgeous weddings, but of course, you can expect that they are reserved only for the most capable, financially I mean. This means that if you have the funds, or if you belong to the class of the rich and wealthy.

Yes, fairytale wedding still does exist. If you are someone belonging to the royal family, or just happen to be pretty rich, then you can expect to have a wedding similar to what you often saw on television when you were a little kid.

These days, weddings have already become a normal occasion, but for rich people, these are big events. This is why wedding planners who only specialize in big weddings do not like it when they are called wedding planners. They feel like they are being demeaned when they are called as such. Can you even blame them? After all, the weddings that they prepare are big events.

What makes their job even more difficult is that the rich and wealthy are fond of changing their minds a lot of times. Well, that’s just exactly what you would expect a wealthy person to do. Why wouldn’t they change their mind about something when they are fully aware that they have the resources to get what they want?

Anyways, what I am really trying to say is those things aren’t always as they seem. Being an audience of gorgeous weddings, you may think that the wedding was the best. You might have even thought that you would have loved to have a wedding just like that.

But the thing is, rich and wealthy people don’t even enjoy it that much. Of course, they too, want to make their special day… well… special, but at the same time, the rich and wealthy were never a fan of showing other people what they have.


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