Interesting Facts About The Different Expensive Pens Of This World


Expensive pens can be useless to some people. But, they are of immense value to the pet lovers. It is true that now most of us prefer to type on the keyboard rather than writing on paper. However, nobody can ignore the importance of pens in their daily lives. Digital write-ups can never give you the same feeling as that of a pen. This can be only understood by a person who possess a planner Diary. It is a local saying that the pen is mightier than a sword.

Interesting Facts About The Different Expensive Pens Of This World

Moreover, you can say something with a pen that you can never imagine to speak with your mouth. Personal writing in your own handwriting creates an image of you. No digital app can replicate this process. In this article, you will read about some incredible pens that are the most expensive ones in the whole world. So, let us begin our journey.

The Expensive Pens

These expensive pens have intricate carvings on their body that will surely cast a magical spell on you. The first one is a Russian masterpiece. The beautiful name of this pen is Caran D’Ache Gothica. The price will make you look upwards, although. The approximate range of this product is more than four lacs dollars. It’s a huge amount! Right? Well, any ordinary person will think that spending such a lump sum on such a petty thing is nothing but a waste of money. It needs quite a fortune to have such a pen in your collection. However, if you have an obsession with collection pens of different types, this investment will never disappoint you. Moreover, the several precious gems attached to the body like the diamonds and emeralds will make it incomparable.

Interesting Facts About The Different Expensive Pens Of This World
Interesting Facts About The Different Expensive Pens Of This World

The next name that comes in this list is the Montblanc Mystery Masterpiece that costs around $7,30,000. The brand has a special place in the market for extraordinary pens. The remarkable logo of snow-capped mountains is not unknown to the world. Moreover, this incredible creation was a noteworthy invention of the company. The motive was to celebrate the completion of a hundred years in the service of people all over the globe. However, it was not a solo creation. Montblanc partnered with some more companies to bring this incredible product into existence.

This most expensive fountain pen came into the market in the year 2007. However, there was nine limited number of the product available. The entire body was of white gold with more 800 diamonds skillfully attached to it. Moreover, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds were also the members that highlighted the beauty of the pen. Well, you now know the secret behind such a shocking price for the pen.

Some Other Options

The Aurora Diamante is also a remarkable member of this list. It costs more than fourteen lakh dollars. So far, we observed that the real reason behind increasing the value of the pens is using the priceless diamonds for designing their fabulous bodies. This particular pen had 2000 shining diamonds encrusted over it. It is an exclusive collection in the box of a collector, as there is only one piece of this type ever manufactured in the world.

Besides these, some more unbelievably expensive pens will leave you spellbound.

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