Hyfit: Workout Gear Powered by IOT Technologies

Guy Bar & Dan Strik, 2 Israeli ex-soldiers with a passion for fitness, founded Hyfit in 2018 with a simple goal in mind to “Make workout gear smart.” Frustrated with a lack of innovation in the workout gear market, and seeing huge growth in wearable fitness technology and IOT technologies, they didn’t waste any time in getting to work. In less than a month’s time, sales for Hyfit’s first product, The Wearable Gym, reached over $123K, gaining the company features in Forbes, Wareable, TechnoGym, and Yahoo!, and sponsorship from Reebok.

Fast forwarding 8 months to today… Hyfit’s second financing round is underway after raising over $800,000 in investments, so far; The Wearable Gym is currently being produced in China and it will be available for retailers by March 2019; and 3 additional products and a pay-per-use model are in development.

The $12 billion workout gear market is expected to experience a $16B growth by 2022, according to a study by the Orbis Institute. Hyfit is taking this entire market to the next level with the addition of IOT technologies- a $5B market projected to grow $7-10B by 2022. Guy Bar and Dan Strik are finally bringing a long-awaited technological advancement to the fitness world, a field that has existed for decades and has generated millions.

The Hyfit ecosystem will combine the most advanced fitness measurement technology with familiar workout gear. The added convenience of portability will make the world everyone’s gym at an affordable price. Gym owners and personal trainers will benefit from Hyfit’s offerings by tracking their client’s workout progress. 


The first product, The Wearable Gym, is a pair of resistance bands, similar to the TRX training system, equipped with sensors and a real-time workout tracker and sensors. The next three products (currently in development) include The Atomicc, The Python, and The Dragon. Each of them are an upgraded version of your typical gym equipment: slam balls, training ropes, and kettlebells, respectively. The Hyfit App for iOS and Android OS connects with all products in the Hyfit ecosystem, teaching new exercises, tracking goal progress, and providing workout plans personalized for every user.

Hyfit: The Special Sauce- The First Pay Per Use Platform, Similar to Bird, Just for Workout Gear.

A Pay-Per-Use platform, similar to those taking over the personal transportation market, is also in development. Workout stations will be located in various training areas and public parks, allowing anyone to use the most advanced equipment and monitor their performance without purchasing individual products. It’s also a convenient option for travelers who own Hyfit products and want to maintain their training, but are without their personal equipment. This platform is expected to add significant value to Hyfit’s profitability with projected profits of over $30M. Workout stations and all of Hyfit’s product offerings will be distributed internationally to B2C & B2B consumers, sports retailers, gyms, and hotel groups.


At the forefront of technology in the fitness gear industry, Hyfit intends to dominate the market and is aiming to raise another $1M in investments to continue progressing towards this goal.

Hyfit’s exponential growth rate and continued growth rate of the fitness products market has caught the interest of many investors and venture capitalists. They consider Hyfit’s offerings a profitable investment horizon with low risk and high return rate and have already contributed more than $250k to Hyfit’s current Series A funding round. Investing in Hyfit will ensure everyone can enjoy an effective and correct training wherever they are in the world.

Hyfit: That’s your Chance to take part in the Next Big Thing In Fitness Tech

“We are not a product company, we are a technology company,” explains Guy Bar, CEO, It’s only natural to be physically fit, and the evidence is the great success and interest we’ve received since we launching our first product, The Wearable Gym. The fitness revolution is here and we’re happy to be leading the way.”

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