Most Expensive BMWs Of 2018


People do a lot of things in their lives. At one point, a kid would be immersed in keeping his grades up and being the best at school. People like being labeled as the best. Don’t get me wrong. People like to have fun, but they are not getting enough fun if they do not have kind of distinct achievement.

Kids are usually interested in academic achievements, but there will come a time when these things will not interest him anymore. This usually happens when the kid graduates from college. At this point, the kid would become more interested in finding a job.

Looking for a decent job is not that easy these days unless the kid would rather work as a crew member at KFC. However, that is unlikely the case.

When he finally gets a decent job, the only thing he wants to do is excel at it. Of course, since the young man looks like an ambitious youngster, he is bound to get what he wants soon enough. But the sooner that happens he is going to want certain things. He would want to impress the girl of his dreams. He is going to want to travel. He is going to want to take his parents to an awesome vacation. In other words, he is going to want a car, and most likely he is going to aim for a BMW.

The great thing about BMWs is that you can drive them almost anywhere. You can take them on trips, you can them to work. You can take them almost anywhere you want.

But before the kid can get to the stage where he actually gets himself a BMW, he has to know what kind of BMW he wants in the first place.

I piled up a list right here. Of course, we are going to start with the most expensive ones. If there is something we all know to be true, it is that we have to want the best things for ourselves. With that in mind, let us now talk about the most expensive BMWs of all time.

BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane RR

Price: $440,000

Lots of people who aren’t very knowledgeable about cars are often fooled by the looks of this little baby.

Certainly, this BMW looks like a simple and ordinary car, but little do people know that is equipped with one of the best technologies for BMW.

Due to the 800-hp V-10, you can bet that this car runs really fast. So, if you are interested in riding stony grounds, then this one is the BMW for you. It is able to take on different kinds of rocky planes. You will not feel a single pressure driving this thing.

Expensive BMWs: BMW M8 Prototype

Price: $590,000+

This one has quite a funny history. When this car came out, there was not enough demand to keep this product going.

With that, no one saw this car ever again, but as the years and decades passed, people have wanted this car since it is now considered as a rare car.

Just because this car was not as in demand as other cars, does not mean that it is not strong. This happens to be one of the strongest and fastest cars around. A lot of car experts even say that despite its ancient factor, it is still considered as having one of the most advanced technologies for road driving.

Expensive BMWs: BMW X6 G-Power Typhoon S

Price: $440,000

You don’t even have to be a car expert to want this car. On the outside, the car is quite attractive already. What’s more is that it is certain to work well even when you travel on rocky plains.

It’s an SUV, and it is made for heavy driving. As you can see, unlike the other two BMWs that we talked about, this is the one that has already that modern type of look. Apart from that, it also happens to have one of the best car specs out there.

BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS

Price: $400,000

Kids these days are interested in speed. As a matter of fact, a lot of young people today drive cars because they want to go at a speed that they are comfortable with. With that, if you can afford a car like this, I know that you will not hesitate to make the deal.

The reason is that this car is considered to be the fastest BMW of all the station wagon out there. I have not tried out this car myself yet, but people will certainly not give this a label like that if there was no proof about it being a pretty fast car.

BMW X5M G-Power Typhoon

Price: $420,000

We also have this one. Well, the manufacturers probably will not call it Power Typhoon for no reason.

You can bet that because of its high specs, the car is enabled to ride at pretty high speeds. Most of all, what makes this car awesome is the fact that it is sturdy enough to overcome any kind of driving pressure.

The manufacturer himself said that this would embarrass other BMWs because of how it can accumulate a lot of speed in a short period of time.

BMW X6 M G-Power Typhoon WideBody

Price: $440,000

If you are the formal type of person, there is no reason you won’t take interest in this car right here.

Small cars are considered cars for executives. If you have that kind of personality, then I suggest you move forward with this one. Take note that apart from the dashing looks; it also has the same power as all BMWs have. You win if you take this car with you.

Expensive BMWs: BMW X5 Le Mans Concept

Price: $590,000

You may have heard of the Le Mans competition. After hitting first prize, the manufacturers decide to create a car using that same engine. Their idea did not fail them because their experiment resulted in something good. Now, this is one of the most expensive cars around.

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