Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

We know that if a person has lots of expensive paintings in her house, then that can only mean that this specific person belongs to the elite class. It means that the person is most likely filthy rich.

Indeed, having some paintings hanged around the house is a sign of class and power, but have you ever wondered why rich people prefer to have expensive paintings in the house? I guess not, and I don’t blame you. I, too, was a victim of this.

There was a time when I only saw paintings as a source of power. I thought it looked cool. If you had all the money in the world, then I see no reason why you should not buy several expensive paintings of your own just so you can flaunt it to your friends and family when they come to your house to give you a visit.

But I realized that one of the other reasons why rich people, prefer to have some expensive paintings in the house is because of the fact that expensive paintings can also be considered as a huge investment.

Think about it. Expensive paintings aren’t just bought for hundreds of dollars. These things cost millions. With that, it is nice to have some expensive paintings to go around when you are in a tight position. That way, just by selling one painting, adjusting to the situation becomes pretty easy.

With that, I was able to collect the names of some of the most expensive paintings in the year of 2018. These are.

Salvator Mundi – $450,300,000

Salvator Mundi : Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

When I first saw this painting, I thought it was Mona Lisa. I guess it wasn’t. The group who first purchased this painting was pretty lucky. Back in the year 2015, they were able to buy the painting for a measly $10,000.

Of course, they did not just hang it around their house. The group was discoverers. What they did was spend six years trying to restore and study the artifact. They later found out that the painting was actually done by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

The subject of the painting is named Salvator Mundi, but a lot of people say that the painting was a depiction of Jesus Christ. Well, we will never know for sure, but the point of the matter is that the painting is currently in private hands, probably just waiting for the opportunity to ask for a bid again.

The Card Players – $250 million

The Card Players : Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne : Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

The thing about artworks is that they usually have such simple concepts and subjects, and yet they appeal so much to people.

This artwork probably is one example of that subject matter. Before the year 2015, this painting was considered to be the most expensive paintings in the world. Now, there are lots of paintings that are more expensive than this, but at least it still made the cut.

There are two people playing cards in the simplest manner. They are both immersed in the game. There is nothing intriguing about how the subjects were portrayed, but what is impressive about the painting is how detailed it was.

Well, there was probably a reason why lots of people call these kinds of expensive paintings as impressionist paintings because it gives people a distinct impression about the work of art.

Nu Couche – $170,400,000

Nu Couche : Most Expensive Paintings This 2018

Nu Couche by Amedeo Modigliani

There was a time when I could not understand what was so cool about expensive paintings. I mean there are lots of paintings out there, probably even more beautiful than the ones being painted by the world’s renowned artists. And yet, people are more interested in paintings that to me, they just did not make any sense.

It was years later that I understood the real meaning of art. The real reason people are so immersed in these works of art is that of how intriguing they are.

In order to make people interested, you don’t just make them understand. As a matter of fact, the moment people already understand, that is the time when they will reduce their interest in a certain matter.

With that, if you want long lasting devotion to your work of art, then you need to make people curious, you need to make them think.

When creativity is the topic, people would often ask you: what do we need to do to make people think? Therefore art is being equipped with the skills to make people think. That is what it means to be creative, to be artistic.

Why did I just tell you that? The reason is that this painting right here will not make sense to some people. The woman is just lying there naked. Some people may interpret it as a form of erotica, but Amedeo Modigliani himself explained that there was no symbolism in his artwork. The painting was as is. He was not glorying nor was he demeaning women. He was simply showing a picture of a woman who was at her climax.

It was intriguing because even though there was nothing about the concept that was so important, it still made a lot of people think. The concept is simple, but the power is great.

Masterpiece – $165,000,000


Masterpiece by Roy Lichtenstein

This painting was created in the time of pop art. During that time, what appealed most to people is the outside looks of a person rather than real talent.

Roy Lichtenstein himself said that the purpose of his painting was to produce humor. The young, beautiful woman was trying to convince the man that his work was a masterpiece, and thus the name of the painting.

The man, obviously, a young and husband artist, denotes the kind of guy is more popular for his looks than for his talent.

No. 5, 1948  – $140,000,000

No. 5, 1948

No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock

People have a thing for anything that is rare. Jackson Pollock has an unusual way of presenting paintings, partly the reason why his work is so popular.

He specializes in what we call abstract art. Although there is not much story in his paintings, the way he paints is still one of a kind. With that, it has gained its well-deserved bid at $140,000,000.

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