Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

If money is not a big deal for you, then the entire world is your destination. Whether you have inherited a fortune or earned a lot of money, you need to research about the most expensive vacations. If you carry out this research, you will find jaw-dropping accommodations and destinations sure to provide you with a memorable experience.

So, check out some of the beautiful places where you can spend a memorable vacation.

White Desert Tour To Antarctica Is Probably The Most Expensive Vacations

If you are on the lookout of an ultimate expensive vacation but do not have a lot of time in hand, touring the White Desert in Antarctica would be a good bet. Your journey starts from Cape Town by boarding a Private Jet and setting off for this icy continent.

You will get eight hours to explore the entire continent. Your tour will end with a champagne dinner. It is a 24-hour trip that will cost you around $195, 000.

Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

Put Up At A Two Story Villa At Palms Casino, Las Vegas

The Palms Casino in Las Vegas is known for its sky villas with balconies extending out to the cantilevered pool. Wealthy travelers can have a relaxed day at these villas measuring 9, 000 square feet. The resort speaks of swanky villas featuring round beds and matching mirrors. If you put up your stay at a suite, be prepared to spend $20, 000 per night.

Visit Africa House At Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

Africa House is an air-conditioned property complete with poster beds in its six rooms. This can be the perfect destination for glampers out on safaris. Here you will find meals cooked by private chefs. After spending a long and tiring day tracking the Big Five, it will work for you to visit the spa section of this place.

Accommodations at Africa House start at around $15, 000 per night for eight people. You even have the option of renting out the whole resort for $51, 000 per night.

Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

Most Expensive Vacations Across the World

How About Visiting Necker Island? The Most Expensive Vacations In This List

Have you ever wondered how you would feel while vacationing like Barack Obama and Richard Branson on Necker Island? Yes, this private island is worth visiting if you have money in hand.

The wildlife at this island will amaze you. The island also has scuba diving, sailing, and water skiing fun up and ready for its visitors. The island is available at $80, 000 per night for a total of 34 guests.

Visiting A Luxury Adventure Hotel In Chile

Tierra Patagonia located in Chile is a luxury adventure hotel that offers unobstructed views of the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park. This is one place where you can get all cozy in your room enjoying some Chilean wine after a day filled with hiking adventure.

 One good thing that you can do is book an all-inclusive suite at this hotel available for $3, 400 per night per person. This will be an ultra-luxurious trip for you and your loved ones.

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