Places Where Only Rich People Live


I think you and I will both agree that the places where we live have an equal combination of middle class and rich people.

The neighborhoods where I have lived had always been comprised of the normal people. Meanwhile, there are also the ones in the neighborhood who are considered to be the rich ones.

But did you know that apart from that, there are also places where the rich people live? Sure, we cannot say that everyone who lives in these places is all rich. There will certainly be ones who are also living beneath their means, but the thing is the majority of the people there are in fact rich.

I know you are dying to hear what these places are so here they are. Read further so that you can learn all about the different places where rich people live.

New York City

This place happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but if you ever wish to live in this place, then you need to know that this place is going to cost a lot.

Apart from being a beautiful place to thrive in, it also has one of the highest standards of living. With that, people should not be surprised to know that New York City boasts of having the most number of billionaires in the world.

Hong Kong

This place is pretty small, but it happens to be one of the most developed places in the world. With that, you should not be surprised to know that it is considered to be a tourist destination.

Despite the small environment, the place is most certainly pleasant to the eyes. The place is beautiful to look. But if you ever hope to take a vacation in this place then you need to prepare quite a sum of money because this also happens to have a pretty high standard of living.

It is believed that even the middle-class people in this area are perceived to have lots of money since the daily expenses are pretty high on average.


If you compare this place to other cities, you can see that there is nothing special about it other than the fact that this is the place where most people take themselves out of poverty and become a rich person.

This is the place where people put up small businesses about steel and take them to the next level. Since this is a place where poor or middle-class people become successful entrepreneurs, then it is no surprise that there are loads of billionaires here.

San Francisco

This place is practically close to the level of New York City. Lots of pretty well off people live here.

Since the people here are pretty well-off, then it is no surprise that the place is pretty developed. The people who live here is capable of taking this place to the next level.

So,do you think you are rich enough to live in some of the places we mentioned? Or do you think that there are other places worthy of rich people? Let us know in the comment section.

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