Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

For the ones who do not know Margot Robbie, she made a star appearance in the movie, Wolf of Wall Street, cast beside the famous Leonardo Di Caprio. Since the release of this movie, Robbie has moved on to star in several well-known films. At present, Robbie is working on her highly-anticipated role in Bombshell with Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. There’s a lot of hype surrounding Robbie, not only because of her movies and roles. But it is also because of the lavish way in which she spends her money.

Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

Ridiculously Expensive Things Owned By Margot Robbie: Footwear

Robbie is in love with wearing expensive shoes and footwear from popular designers. Her Bertucci heels helped her in grabbing a lot of attention when she matched them with Clara Delevingne, her She and Suicide Squad co-star. The heels can cost around $1, 000. Robbie’s footwear collection consists of exclusive and designer heels from Christian Louboutin. However, the actress also enjoys wearing casualwear such as sneakers but, again, designers only.

Ridiculously Expensive Things Of Margot Robbie: Bags

Margot seems to be crazy about elegant purses and bags. She is often spotted with designer bags and totes in varied colors and patterns. She is particularly fond of bags from Gucci and is found collaborating them with her outfits frequently. The majority of her Gucci fashion accessories are as expensive as $1, 000 each. Robbie is also spotted with bags from Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney.

Movie Rights

Now, this is something that ought to be a ridiculous purchase on the part of Margot Robbie. She came up with her very own production firm recently. She has even purchased the movie rights to Terminal and Tank Girl. Robbie has also played an essential role in the making of the movie named Birds of Prey.

Duplex On The Gold Coast of Australia

Margot Robbie is one actress from Hollywood with this strange knack for properties and luxury real estate. Robbie owns several properties across the world, and her recent money shell out was at the gold Coast of Australia. As per reports, Robbie was quite comfortable paying a whopping amount of $1.8 million for a duplex on the gold coast of Australia. She made this lavish purchase for her sister and mother to live in. This property is very close to the actress’s childhood abode.

Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

Ridiculously Expensive Things Margot Robbie Has

Hancock Park House

Way back in 2017, Robbie was the owner of a Hancock Park House, but rumors have it that she no longer possesses this property. Robbie, along with Tom Ackerly, her husband, bought this $2.73 million home after they were tired of the hotel and Airbnb lifestyle they were practicing all this time.

Beach Cottage In Venice

As has already been said, Robbie has this huge inclination towards owning different types of properties across the world. There are very few actors and actresses in Hollywood who can afford to pay an amount of $5 million for a beach cottage in Venice. Robbie made this payment only because she wanted to have a posh dwelling.

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