The Coolest Mens Magazines in the World

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There are so many publishers out there that would give you all you need to know how to live, how to love, and how to succeed. However, for this article, we’re going to talk about the coolest magazines you should know and follow to better your way of thinking and maybe your lifestyle! This mainly focuses on the men’s category, but ladies, if you want to tell your man or find your ideal man, please read along.


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Of course, we’re starting with the big daddy of men’s fashion and lifestyle. GQ has been a staple read for every man who would want to know how to live a life of success and much more! GQ dishes out all the coolest articles about anything and everything a grown man should know. From fitness, food, lifestyle, and even stories that would make you want to experience yourself one way or another.

Men’s lifestyle magazines are all similar, but GQ is the most popular and by far the coolest among the choices. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should sleep in the other magazines because there are other things that they offer that GQ doesn’t.


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For every man, there comes a magazine that would make them stop in their tracks to take a good second look before either purchasing said magazine or just purchase a digital copy from home. That magazine would be none other than FHM. This is because the magazine contains stories that are both sexual and funny, and don’t forget to mention very seductive ladies sharing their portraits and kinks.

Men’s Journal

Men’s Journal is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on travel hotspots, lifestyle, reckless adventure, and men’s style. They offer 12 publications for a year, and it’s interesting to know just where you would want to go and what kind of lives are in those destinations and how to behave yourself.

You would be surprised by the number of people who visit countries that get culture shock because of the lack of information.

Men’s Health

This magazine focuses on, you guessed it, health. Not just the purely physical but also the mental and spiritual nature. This, in turn, makes it popular enough to teach men how to live a fair and balanced life without the stress of having to research it on your own or talk to a professional. Let Men’s Health magazine cover that for you instead.

Esquire Magazine

This magazine focuses on fashion advice straight from celebrities, as well as food and drink recommendations, and much more! People go for this magazine because it has won many awards and the National Magazine Awards that would mean their content is worthy of your time to read. Make sure to learn from their articles.


There you have it! The coolest men’s lifestyle magazines that you should purchase or subscribe to if you plan on living a better life and, of course, know how to improve yourself in the first place. Sure, there may be other magazines that can still hold a candle to these magazines’ flames, but they still have a long way to go to be as impressive as the five mentioned above.

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