The Most Expensive Zoo Animals In The World To See

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Most people in this world love animals. There are pets in almost every home. Many people have cats, dogs, birds, and guinea pigs at home. However, there are many people who long for exotic pets. The means to procure such animals is limited. People look for animals who can make their lives stress-free. You will find many people who keep exotic animals as pets for that very reason. Such animals can be expensive. That’s why zoos are keeping such exotic animals to draw crowds. Kids love animals, and zoos are trying to cash in on the craze. Expensive zoo animals include the Giant Panda, Golden Lion Tamarin, White Lions, Toucans, Stag Beetles, and the Savannah Cat, to name a few. It is a boon for those people who are not able to keep such pets. Just head to the nearby zoo and enjoy yourself. Your kids will also start getting comfortable with animals around them.

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 The Most Expensive Zoo Animals  in The World To See

More About Exotic Animals at The Zoo

You must have read in the papers or on social media channels, that there are more tigers in cages than in the jungles. Most of the wild animals are living in captivity. Firstly, human encroachment is eating into the living area of animals. Modern zoos are keeping luxury and expensive animals in captivity. A good one provides a lot of care for such animals. And why not? They are expensive buy. The main purpose other than education is recreation. Many parents take their children to the zoo to see wild animals. Especially, those that live in the city have only seen a vulture or jackal at the most. The Giant Panda is an expensive animal and is kept in captivity. You can look up the internet and find almost four zoos keeping these beautiful animals. These animals are more expensive than the average elephant. The main cost adds up, due to the food that they eat. In this case, it is bamboo, which is costly to grow.

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The Most Expensive Zoo Animals in The World To See

Expensive Zoo Animals – A Growing Trend

The Golden Lion Tamarin is one such expensive animal. It is one of the endangered species that are found in the world. This species calls Brazil, it’s home. Many of the monkeys are on the verge of extinction, owing to rampant poaching. The only way is to keep them in zoos and start breeding, artificially. The upkeep is as expensive. The transportation, food, quarantine, health check-ups, all add up to the costs. It is quite hard to breed them, as they are very selective about their mates. You must have seen Palm Cockatoos on animal shows. They are the largest in cockatoos. It is hard to breed them, thus making their upkeep and maintenance costs high. They are also nearly extinct, due to habitat degeneration and hunting. The Toucan is another colorful bird, worth mentioning here. It is one of the costliest birds to keep. You can easily confuse one with the Hornbill. Depleting forest structures are causing immense damage to these bird’s habitat. Expensive animals at zoos serve the triple purpose of research, conservation as well as education.

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