Top Lifestyle Trends for 2020

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Trends come and go, and what used to be popular a year ago might not be the next. With that said, let’s look into the top lifestyle trends 2020 has to offer, given that we’re almost at the end of the year. We’ve collated sources worldwide and looked at what people were doing for the past few months in 2020 to come up with this list.

Given the pandemic is still at an all-time high and shows no signs of stopping, it’s safe to assume that the trends would be more of staying at home or being more than prepared compared to the recent years before this virus has got us locked down most of the time. You would be right to assume that most and if not all, the lifestyle trends in 2020 would be focused on balance, home-safety, and wellness.

Home sweet home

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Staying at home almost all the time before the year 2020 has started, you would be considered a bum or have no real life. Not anymore, people opt to stay at home either because the government says so or it’s just them being safe indoors and going out only when necessary. This isn’t a bad thing at all, given the circumstances surrounding the globe, and it reflects around the global population that this is what they choose to do.

Work, workout, unwind.

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Given that the three words above may mean many different things, there is one thing they all share. It’s that they can all be done in the comfort of your home, and people are finding out ways to convert their storage rooms to office spaces or workout dens. The vacation plans to different places have been switched to staying in bed and watching Netflix.

Being thriftier than usual

If you’re a hoarder when it comes to buying new items, then you may want to read this. More and more people choose to purchase surplus or used furniture rather than spend money on more unique things. It’s cheaper to buy used furniture and refurbish it than purchasing a newer model that would cost you more for the same purpose. It’s better to buy what you need and forget what you want this year, that’s what people are realizing.

Learning new things

Given that you’re stuck at home in general regardless if you have work or not. The internet is a big help for people to still learn about new things. This is what people are starting to do more often now, given they have more time to be at home than going out. Learn how to cook, how to stitch, how to fix a car. Anything you want to learn is mostly free on the internet, and the good people of the world will help you out.


Regardless of the virus changing our way of life drastically, people persevere and adapt to make sure that life must go on. There will be more lifestyle trends for the next year that people will learn to do similar to this year, given that health is now more critical than ever!

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