Top Luxury Items Only A Few Can Afford


It’s not that everything in life is all about money, but there is no denying that money can certainly buy things that not all people have the luxury items to purchase.

Imagine the thrill that you feel whenever it’s payday, and you get to go to the mall with a couple of your friends to buy all the stuff that you were planning to buy a month ago? Doesn’t it just feel comforting that you are able to buy the things that you want? While you are very much able to buy those things that you have in your hands right now, I bet there are other things you wish you could buy, things you know, even if you saved for the whole year, you will never be able to buy.

When we talk about people who can buy all the stuff that they want, we are usually talking about movie characters in a certain film. Why? Well, it is because of the fact that people who actually have the capability to buy the things that they want are pretty rare.

Many people today feel like that if they are able to keep up with the latest trends, they are already considered to be pretty well-off, but let me give you a glimpse of what kinds of stuff real rich people usually buy. When you see someone with this kind of item, you can bet that this person is no doubt a member of the rich and wealthy organization.

Birkin Bag

This is the rarest bad known to man. As a matter of fact, even if you have the money now, it does not mean that you will be able to purchase the bag immediately. You see, it is not something that you would usually see in the store.

If you want to buy then you have to sign-up to a list of buyer wannabees. However, you have to take note that waiting for your item to be ready for purchase may take years. But if you are patient enough, you will most certainly get your Birkin bag.

Rolex Watch

Lots of people are obsessed with wearing a watch these days. I know people who wear a watch even though the time that they actually use is the one that is on their phone.

That’s right. Watches have become a trend these days. Lots of people like purchasing mid-expensive watches, but when it comes to absolutely luxurious watches, there is no denying that there are only certain people who have the funds to buy one.

One of the reasons why Rolex watches are one of the most expensive ones in the market is due to the materials used in creating the watch. Another thing is that one requires great skill to be able to make these products.

For sure, it is going to take a lot of money to purchase a watch, but then again, if what you are looking for is quality, then there is no doubt that the Rolex watch is certainly worth your money.

Luxury Items: Christian Louboutin Shoes

It is a well-known fact that women are addicted to purchasing different kinds of shoes. Women are pretty fond of shoes, especially the expensive and branded ones.

In the past, lots of women are pretty practical when it comes to buying shoes. For sure, the only ones wearing expensive shoes are the ones who came from a pretty well-off family. But I guess, this is not the thing anymore. Nowadays, there are certainly lots of pressure coming from society. With that, women are forced to look their absolute best, even if it might cost a little dent from their wallet.

But even though you see women wearing various branded shoes, there are still only a few who are able to buy the Christian Louboutin Shoes.

If you are willing to expend some hundreds of dollars for shoes, and you are pretty sure that you will be able to survive for the month if you did make the purchase, then I guess it is safe to have a pair on your closet. This is one of the few shoes out there that can mix elegance and quality so well.

Luxury Items: Louis Vuitton Goods

The seemingly expensive brands that you see a lot of people wear are actually the common ones. The truth is that if the majority of people can afford it, then that can only mean that it is not expensive enough.

Of course, in today’s society, there is no way people are going to buy stuff that is not of decent quality. With that, it is quite normal to see a lot of people wearing clothes, shoes, or bags.

But if you see someone wearing a Louis Vuitton branded item, you can be certain that this person was either gifted with such item, or the person belongs to a wealthy family.

Private Jet

You may think that people who get to travel the world are pretty well-off, but the truth is if you want to prove that you have money, one sure fire way of doing so is by flaunting your private jet.

A lot of people book flights so that they can visit the places that they only dreamed of going to a few years back. They do this because this is the only way they can travel. Rich people who love to travel, on the other hand, would rather buy their own private jet.

Whether you believe it or not, having your own private jet is the most inexpensive way to travel. Think about it. I have one of these things, then you don’t have to keep on buying tickets every once in a while. Everyone knows how expensive plane tickets can be these days.

The thing with private jets is that there are only a few people who can afford it, mostly because they are pretty expensive. But once you have one, traveling all around the world becomes a lot easier, which is precisely why rich and wealthy people prefer to have one.

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